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Based on your responses, Cala Trio™ may be right for you. Cala Trio requires a prescription from a medical doctor and can be provided by the VA for Veterans who have essential tremor.

Ask the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) to consider Cala Trio for you with these two steps:

  1. Provide your VA healthcare provider with the doctor discussion guide
  2. Ask the VA Prosthetics Department to email for ordering information.

Not sure if you are elegible for VA benefits?

Patient videos


“I would always start my therapy with the Cala Trio in the morning when I first woke up. I would get my kids off to school so I prepare lunches and everything while using it ... all those day-to-day tasks that I struggled with I was able to complete thanks to the Cala Trio.”



“Using the Cala Trio changed my personality and my life. It made me more confident. It allows me to be free and I’m not feeling like people are looking at me.”



“I noticed how easy it was to eat I texted my wife to tell her what my experience was. When I was texting I thought how easy it is to text ... After I texted her that, I still remember, I held up my hand, I thought so this is what it feels like to feel normal.”