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Based on your responses, Cala Trio™ may be right for you. Cala Trio requires a prescription from a medical doctor and can be provided by the VA for Veterans who have essential tremor.

Ask the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) to consider Cala Trio for you with these two steps:
  1. Provide your VA healthcare provider with the doctor discussion guide
  2. Ask the VA Prosthetics Department to email for ordering information.

Not sure if you are
elegible for VA benefits?

Cala Trio in the News
Solving Diagnostic Dilemmas: How a Skin-Based Test for Synucleinopathies Can Change the Treatment Course for Patients Presenting with Tremors

Essential Tremor Symptoms, Severity Improved With Cala Trio Neuromodulation Device

Results of the landmark PROSPECT trial of the Cala Trio, a wrist-worn wearable neuromodulation device for essential tremor (ET), suggest that the device is safe and effective for the reduction of hand tremor in individuals with ET.

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