Essential Tremor

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Senior News

Living with Essential Tremor: Three Important Pieces of Advice

March is Essential Tremor Awareness Month. Holly shares her journey with essential tremor, which is unique, just like every person living with this condition.

Brain & Life

COVID-19 and Essential Tremor

Dr. Salima Brillman, a movement disorder specialist, answers questions about essential tremors and COVID-19.

Houston Chronicle

Bioelectric Medicine Helps to Treat Air Force Veteran’s Essential Tremor

Ben, Air Force veteran of 21 years, tried Cala Trio to treat his essential tremor.


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New Prescription Form

Once you download the Cala Trio Prescription Form to your computer, you can save your Prescriber information at the top of the Cala Trio Prescription Form to save time when writing multiple RXs. The Cala Trio Prescription Form PDF has a digital signature option. Fax the completed and signed Cala Trio Prescription Form to Sfax (833) 230-9251 or Fax (650) 729-1156.


Check out some of these organization raising awareness for patients with essential tremor.

International Essential Tremor Foundation – IETF


Tremor Action Network – TAN