Patient Testimonials

“It’s just so nice to be able to go about my normal business, knowing that I’m not going to be trembling the way that I had prior. It’s an amazing, amazing medical device. I want to spread the word because it is so effective. My prayer is that many people will come to know about Cala and Cala Trio.”

Ministry volunteer and grandmother

“I love a cup of coffee in the morning and to do the Sudoku. And now whenever I drink my coffee and the Sudoku I put on the Cala Trio. It doesn’t completely eliminate my tremor. But it reduces the intensity. Cala Trio has given me the ability to go back out into the world.”

Retired nurse

“I had great results right from the very first time. I can take my grandkids out for breakfast. My grandkids before would laugh at me for trying to eat. Today they don’t they don’t do that. They appreciate the fact that when I’m wearing the Cala Trio my hands don’t shake. So it’s clear to everybody that Cala Trio works; Even my grandkids know it.”

Painter and formerly worked in construction

“I noticed how easy it was to eat I texted my wife to tell her what my experience was. When I was texting I thought how easy it is to text ... After I texted her that, I still remember, I held up my hand, I thought so this is what it feels like to feel normal.”

Tai Chi Aficionado, Retired CFO

“I had good results in my early therapy. I thought that I initially did not have good results because my tremor really wasn't as severe as others I had seen. So I was looking for zero tremor. And so I still have tremor. But in many cases, it was not as big...”

Pianist, golfer, retired speech therapist

“I would always start my therapy with the Cala Trio in the morning when I first woke up. I would get my kids off to school so I prepare lunches and everything while using it ... All those day to day tasks that I struggled with I was able to complete thanks to the Cala Trio.”

Mother, IT Professional

“Using the Cala Trio changed my personality and my life. It made me more confident. It allows me to be free and I’m not feeling like people are looking at me.”

Golfer, Glass & Metal Professional

Real users, not actors, provided uncompensated testimonials about their experience with Cala Health therapy. Like all therapies, individual results may vary.

Who I am

My name is Holly. I volunteer and conduct mission work with my husband. I’m also a grandmother.

When I first became aware of my tremor

In my late 40s. And I didn't think too much about it. When I was in my mid-50s, my son started telling me, “mom you need to do something about that.” I realized he was right. I decided that it was probably a good time to see a neurologist.

How my tremor affects my life

Essential tremor had affected my life, particularly in terms of being with people and in a dining situation. It would be difficult for me to drink without spilling whatever I'm drinking. And a little bit later, it was difficult keeping food on my fork. It's difficult to read. The tremors really make a difference holding a book, a magazine, or a newspaper. When cooking, I have trouble keeping a knife steady when the tremor is really bad.

How I use Cala Trio therapy

I usually use Cala Trio in the morning, because I frequently have a pretty severe tremor in the morning. Then I will use it periodically during the day and in the evening before I start cooking. And definitely before we go out to have dinner either by ourselves or with friends.

My results with Cala Trio therapy

My right hand is the one that gets the Cala treatment. And afterward, it's just so nice to be able to go about my normal business knowing that I'm not going to be trembling the way that I had prior. If I'm out, it's nice to know that people aren't looking at me and wondering what's wrong with her? I would say that the difference with Cala treatment is indeed the different between night and day. It's the difference between feeling very apprehensive and feeling more confident.