Cala Trio Therapy is the only FDA cleared clinically proven therapy to empower people to go about their daily activities by reducing their hand tremor with no side effects or surgery.

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Cala Health is committed to ensuring all patients have access to Cala Trio therapy and that it works for you. If Cala Trio therapy does not work for you, simply return the device before the end of the 60-day evaluation period and you will not be held responsible for any costs.*

*Patient agreement is required.

How do I Get Started?
Speak with Cala Customer Care and verify your prescription and related information.

Call Cala Customer Care at (888) 699-1009

Cala Trio therapy will be delivered to your home and Cala Customer Care supports you with training.**

**Training is provided once the Cala Trio device arrives at your home. Training takes about 30 minutes on average.

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Start your 60-day, no-obligation evaluation period and see if Cala works for you.

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Insurance Coverage

Cala Trio therapy is a novel technology, a first-in-class device. Like all novel technologies, there are limited coverage policies in place. Cala Health is actively working with insurers to expand coverage policies. Your Cala Customer Care representative will work with you to identify your specific coverage and payment options.

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Compare Cala Trio to Medication Therapy

There is no cure for essential tremor, so patients dealing with this condition should work closely with their healthcare provider to closely observe and treat the progression of this nervous system disorder. Although many of the medications listed in this article may provide relief from the severity of tremors, they don’t work for everyone. These drugs have the potential to cause unpleasant side effects that negatively impact or disrupt other aspects of a patient’s life. Plus, some patients may develop a tolerance to these drugs, rendering the therapeutic effects ineffective over time. Luckily, medications are just one option among many treatment plans.

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