Solving Diagnostic Dilemmas: How a Skin-Based Test for Synucleinopathies Can Change the Treatment Course for Patients Presenting with Tremors 26 Oct 2022
Essential Tremor Symptoms, Severity Improved With Cala Trio Neuromodulation Device 05 Aug 2021
Record Clinical Trial Enrollment Made Possible by IETF and Their Members 05 Aug 2021
Daily Use of Cala Trio Device Effectively Eases Hand Tremors, Trial Reports 05 Aug 2021
Treatment With Neuromodulation Device Improves Essential Tremor in Clinical Trial 05 Aug 2021
Watch Like Device Helps Tremors 05 Aug 2021
Individualized, Non-invasive therapy for essential tremor – An interview with Kate Rosenbluth of Cala Health 05 Aug 2021
It looks like a smartwatch, but this new device is helping people with tremors 05 Aug 2021
Game Changing Startups 2020 05 Aug 2021
Current Therapy Cala Health Takes on Neurological conditions with a novel approach – by reverse engineering the body’s nervous system 05 Aug 2021
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