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A drug-free, personalized solution, calibrated for your tremor.

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Watch like device helps tremors

Doctors from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock are looking into new ways to reduce and hopefully stop essential tremors for patients.

Prkinson's News Today

Daily Use of Cala Trio Device Effectively Eases Hand Tremors, Trial Reports

Using Cala Health’s non-invasive therapeutic device Cala Trio for 40 minutes twice daily effectively helped to reduce hand tremors within three months, results from a clinical study show.

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Talk to your doctor about Cala Trio

The doctor discussion guide is designed to assist you when you talk to your doctor about incorporating Cala Trio therapy into your treatment plan. It provides information about essential tremor, Cala Trio, topics to discuss with your physician when you meet with them, and the Cala Trio prescription form.

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