Ordering Procedure for Department of Veteran Affairs (VHA)

Submit completed forms via:

Sfax: 1-833-230-9251

Send Encrypted Email: VA@CalaHealth.com

Secure Upload: CalaRx.com

Health Care Professional Line: 1-888-585-7101

Cala Trio Customer Success: 1-888-699-1009


mceclip0.pngThis provides information on New Vendor setup, Ordering, Returns, Warranty, Negotiated Costs, Support.

1. New Vendor Set-Up (DUNS, CAGE, HCPCS)

  • Cala Health’s DUNS number is 078877556, and the CAGE code is 6XN36.
  • Cala Health is a licensed U.S. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider.
  • Download the Form W-9 Cala Health and the VA New Vendor Form with pre-filled Cala info.
  • Cala Trio therapy is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive, neuromodulation system that provides temporary relief for hand tremors for Essential Tremor as prescribed by health care professionals with a valid NPI.
  • CMS issued HCPCS codes for Cala Trio Therapy:
    • K1018: External Upper Limb Tremor Stimulator of the peripheral nerves of the wrist (Quantity x1).
    • K1019: Monthly supplies for use of the device (1 band is a 3-month supply, Quantity x3).
  • VA SOP can be found by searching SharePoint “Topic: Non-Invasive Nerve Stimulation for Management of Tremor (Cala Trio™).”


2. Initial Order

Placing the initial Purchase Order must contain the following information:

Item Number Description Quantity Ordered Unit
1 Cala Therapy Stimulator & Charging/Base Station 1 Each

Cala Therapy Band* (1 band = 3-month supply)

(Specify) Right or Left Hand

(Specify) Small, Medium, or Large

4 Each

*IMPORTANT: Each Cala Therapy band must be replaced every 90 days because it deteriorates with exposure to dry skin, skin oils, and dust. The stimulator will not function with the same band after 90 days.

IMPORTANT: Required information to be included on the purchase order and/or submitted with the VA Consult:

Patient Name VA Institution Name
Patient Date of Birth (D.O.B.) VA Prescriber Name
Patient Phone Number VA Prescriber Email Address
Patient Email Address (if available) VA Prescriber NPI
Patient Diagnosis VA Credit Card Number
Patient Shipping Address VA Credit Card Expiration Date
Prescribed Hand (Right, Left, or Bilateral) VA Credit Card CVV (optional)
Prescribed Band Size (Small, Medium, or Large) VA Credit Card Zip Code
Tremor Task (outstretched or wing beating postural hold) Caregiver contact Email and/or Phone # (if applicable)


3. How To Send In Order:

Fax: (833) 230-9251

Secure Upload: www.CalaRX.com

Send Encrypted Email with attachments: VA@CalaHealth.com

IMPORTANT: Once Customer Care receives the ordering info needed, Cala will email the Veteran the patient agreements. After the agreement is signed, Cala therapy will be shipped to the Veteran’s home or VA Center as determined by prescribing HCP, and Cala Customer Care will reach out to the Veteran to offer virtual Cala therapy instructions and set-up assistance.

4. Return Option

We offer a 90-day return option due to the heterogeneous nature of Essential Tremor, not all patients may benefit from use of the Cala Therapy. If the Veteran discontinues use within the 90-day trial period, Cala will fully refund the costs. Credit will be applied to the VA credit card, within 30 days, once Cala receives the Cala Trio Stimulator/Base Station and all bands.

5. Warranty

Cala therapy is designed for everyday use. The stimulator and base station have an expected service life of 3 years. The band has an expected service life of 90 days. To support everyday use, the stimulator has a 2-year warranty, and the band has a 45-day warranty.

6. Negotiated Costs: contact Cala Customer Care for pricing information


Prosthetics Veterans
Call Cala Customer Care (888) 699-1009 Monday through Friday, 5 AM to 4 PM Pacific Time or  email VA@CalaHealth.com. Call Cala Customer Care (888) 699-1009 Monday through Friday, 5 AM to 4 PM Pacific Time, or email CustomerSuccess@CalaTrio.com for product support questions or to request a call from a Product Support Specialist. Helpful instructional videos and answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found on my.CalaTrio.com



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