Measuring wrist for proper fitting of Cala Trio


Fit and placement of the Cala Trio are essential to therapeutic efficacy. The prescription form requests that you select a size*—Small, Medium, or Large—indicated in centimeters.

Using the Cala Trio wrist measurement tool, tighten over the wrist bone so that the surface is flush to the skin, but not so tight that it pinches the wrist.

If you are not able to measure the wrist in person, the patient will need to measure their own wrist.

If the tool is not available, the easiest item to use is a flexible measuring tape. Simply wrap it around their wrist and note the cm mark where the tape meets the beginning of the measuring tape.

If the patient has a rigid ruler, they can mark a piece of string or yarn and measure the string piece with the ruler.

If this is difficult for the patient, the Cala Trio Customer Success team can send them a measuring tool in the mail.

*The long edge of the prescription form has centimeter markings.

Size Reference: Small = 13.6-16.4 cm / Medium = 16.5-18.4 cm / Large = 18.5-20.4 cm



MKG-1109 Rev B Oct 2020

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