Policy Highlights for Patients

Your Cala TrioTM therapy, Your privacy

Our goal is to give you the information needed to help you understand and manage your tremor, with the confidence knowing your data is protected, and stored securely.

Cala Health prioritizes the security of your information and the privacy of your personal information. We encourage you to read our Notice of Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use, but we understand that you might not have the time to dive deep, so we’ve summarized key topics for you.


How we use your therapy data

When you start using Cala Trio, we start learning about your tremor. We are working tirelessly to understand the progression of tremor as well as the differences in hand tremor movements. Throughout therapy, Cala Trio will prompt you to perform postural holds we call your “Tremor Task” – this is a prescribed task that elicits your tremor.

During setup, Cala Trio uses these “Tremor Tasks” to both calibrate your therapy and create a baseline profile of your tremor.  After setup, these pre and post therapy tasks help to measure the development of your tremor.  During the first weeks of using therapy, you will perform this same task before and after every session.  After this initial period, the device will only prompt you periodically.

With this knowledge, we believe we can further improve therapy, and expand the types of tremor patients we can effectively treat in the future. Your use of Cala Trio has the potential to improve your treatment and create therapies that may help others.


Cala Health Research

Cala Health believes in the importance of research to enable people living with movement disorders to live their best lives. We may reach out to you to inform you of research opportunities using your Cala Trio at certain times or by sharing details about your activities (writing, eating, other). All research is IRB-approved. That means it has been authorized by an institutional review board that oversees human research projects to ensure safety, privacy, and ethical standards are met. These studies will be managed directly by Cala Health. We hope these research endeavors will improve the world’s understanding of movement disorders and inform future therapies.


Account and data security

We take the security of your information seriously. Whether we’re building new methods to interpret your essential tremor patterns or sharing insights on your Cala Trio usage, the security of your personal information is our first consideration.

We use encryption technology and maintain strict policies to help keep your information private and safe. Cala Health analyzes your de-identified data in our headquarter office with staff data scientists and does not sell your information.


Your password

Keeping your Cala Trio account secure is important to maintaining the privacy of your account. Always use a strong password and remember that we will never ask for your password by phone or email.


How we use your health information

For Treatment: We will use your health information to provide you with medical equipment and supplies that your physician has prescribed.

For Payment: We will use your health information in order to bill you for services received from Cala Health.

For Healthcare Operations: We may use your health information to improve the quality of care we provide.

Contacting you: We may use your health information to contact you about clinical instructions, surveys, or general communications.

De-identified Health Information: We may use your health information to create “de-identifiied” information that is not identifiable to any individual in accordance with HIPAA.

Business Associates: There are some individuals who are under contract with Cala and, from time to time, are engaged in the improvement or financial enhancement of our business that need access to your health information. So that your health information is protected, however, we require any business associate to appropriately safeguard your information.

Special Situations: We may use your health information in situations required by law including:

  • Public Health: We may disclose your health information to public health or legal authorities charged with preventing or controlling disease, injury, or disability.
  • Law Enforcement: We may disclose health information for law enforcement purpose or in response to a valid subpoena.
  • Health Oversight Activities: We may disclose health information to health oversight agencies for activities authorized by law, including surveys, audits, and compliance inspections.
  • Worker’s Compensation: We may release your health information to the extent necessary to comply with laws relating to worker’s compensation or other similar programs established by law.

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