What is Patient Access?

Cala believes that people who struggle with essential tremor should have access to Cala Trio therapy because they may experience positive and meaningful tremor relief, providing them with the confidence and physical freedom to focus on their life and daily needs.

  • Cala is committed to ensuring all patients have access to Cala Trio therapy. If you and your prescriber decide that Cala Trio therapy is not right for you, simply return the device before the end of the 60-day return period, and you will not be held responsible for any costs.*
    • Patients using Medicare or any other federal or state government benefit program to pay for therapy are not eligible.
  • Patient agreement and prior authorization (if needed) must be in place to participate.
  • Cala Customer Care provides training and support to patients throughout the Patient Access evaluation process.

*To return all components of the Cala Trio therapy system for any reason within 60-days, contact CustomerSuccess@CalaTrio.com 888-699-1009, Monday-Friday from 8 am – 7 pm Eastern, 5 am – 4 pm Pacific. After receiving the returned product, Cala Customer Care will void the patient agreement and withdraw the insurance claim.



MKG-1533 Rev C Oct 2022
MKG-1570 Rev A Mar 2022

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