What is Affordable Access?

Affordable access is Cala’s no-obligation, no upfront cost, 60-day evaluation period program available to patients who have a Cala TAPS therapy prescription submitted by a healthcare provider:

  • Each patient has a 60-day period of time to determine if Cala TAPS therapy is right for them.*
  • Cala Customer Care provides training and support to patients throughout the Affordable Access evaluation process.
  • No upfront cost, shipping, or handling fees are required.
  • Patient agreement and prior authorization (if needed) must be in place to participate.

*To return all components of the Cala TAPS therapy system for any reason within 60 days contact Cala Customer Care at 888-699-1009, or CustomerSuccess@CalaTrio.com. After receiving the returned product, Cala Customer Care will void the patient agreement and discontinue insurance claims.




MKG-1533 Rev B July 2022
MKG-1570 Rev A Mar 2022

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