Treating essential tremor is anything but simple.

Cala Trio makes it simple.

Learn more about this individualized wrist-worn neuromodulation therapy that effectively reduces hand tremors.

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The largest therapeutic clinical trial in ET, PROSPECT, was conducted using the Cala Trio device. The data demonstrated that the therapy is equivalent in effectiveness to medication by utilizing the electrical stimulation—the mechanism of surgical interventions.

Watch this video for an overview of PROSPECT Data.

Prescribing Cala Trio for your patients is easy

Now you can prescribe a treatment personalized to your patients’ unique tremor patterns using advanced targeted therapy. With Cala Trio, you can finally breakthrough the barrier of inadequate options to deliver care. The FDA-cleared, Cala Trio therapy avoids common side-effects and risks associated with traditional ET treatment options.

  1. Review indications for use and contraindications.
  2. Choose which hand to treat.
  3. Measure wrist size.
  4. Select tremor task.