New Essential Tremor Therapy for Hand Tremors

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Cala TrioTM is an individualized neuromodulation therapy developed for people with essential tremor

Managing tremors does not have to be difficult. An easy-to-use therapy is finally available without the side effects of commonly prescribed medications.

Getting started with Cala Trio is easy

Available by prescription only.


Talk to your doctor to see if Cala Trio is right for you.

We provide a free doctor discussion guide for your conversations with your doctor. It includes information about essential tremor, Cala Trio, topics to discuss with your physician, and the Cala Trio prescription form. Please complete the form and the free discussion guide will appear in your browser.


Cala Trio Customer Success contacts you after receiving the prescription from your doctor.

They can answer all your questions about therapy and the 60-day satisfaction guarantee.


Customer Success helps you set up your Cala Trio from the convenience of your own home.

Start benefiting from personalized tremor therapy the same day it arrives.

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Cala Health is committed to providing a delightful customer experience

Our Customer Success team is available to serve you Monday–Friday from 7am–4pm Pacific Time. If you have questions, contact us.