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With the Cala Trio therapy, patients experience meaningful temporary tremor relief after a 40-minute wrist-worn treatment enabling them to regain their daily activities independently and confidently.1

Available by prescription only


Cala Trio therapy is the world’s only non-invasive, drug-free, wrist-worn treatment that addresses the root cause of essential tremor with electrical stimulation known as neuromodulation.


The Cala Trio device is FDA-cleared, safe, effective, and individually calibrated to each patient's unique brain signal pattern.1–3

The Cala Trio device is indicated to aid in the temporary relief of hand tremors in the treated hand following stimulation in adults with essential tremor.


Cala is committed to ensuring all patients have access to Cala Trio therapy. If you and your prescriber decide that Cala Trio therapy is not right for you, simply return the device before the end of the 60-day return period, and you will not be held responsible for any costs.*

*Patient agreement is required; Medicare patients are not eligible to participate

How it works

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Talk to your doctor about Cala Trio

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Video clips of patient struggling to do everyday tasks.

Essential tremor is a benign yet life-altering condition that impairs performing day-to-day activities. 

Although onset typically occurs in adults fifty and older, symptoms may appear much earlier in life.



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Non-invasive treatment for essential tremor

Cala Trio, is a wrist-worn, non-invasive treatment for essential tremor.  

It targets the tremor network with peripheral nerve stimulation through the wrist.



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Requires Prescription


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Cala Trio therapy is a prescription device.  

Your physician may not know about Cala Trio therapy, its clinical results, or that it is now available!  

Forward the link to your doctor so he/she can learn more prior to your appointment. 



Patient looking at a computer visiting to download a Doctor Discussion Guide

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Requires Prescription


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The website has a lot of information about essential tremor and Cala Trio.

If you think Cala Trio might work for you, simply download and print the Doctor Discussion Guide which includes a prescription form for your doctor.  

Complete the guide to give your doctor basic background information about your experiences with tremor.



Patient visiting her doctor with Doctor Discussion Guide

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How long have you had hand tremors?

Has medication worked?

Do you have the relief you want?

Remind your doctor about your experiences with therapies.  

How long have you had hand tremors? How has medication worked?  Do you have the relief you want? 



Patient visiting her doctor with Doctor Discussion Guide with her hand shaking

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“I found a new therapy for my essential tremor and want to see if you will write a prescription for it so I can Try it.”

Tell your doctor, “I found a new therapy for my essential tremor and want to see if you will write a prescription for it so I can try it. Here is some information about Cala Trio therapy.” 

It is easy for your doctor to prescribe Cala Trio.  



Patient showing her tremors to doctor


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Select right or left hand

There are 3 simple parts of the prescription to discuss with your doctor

Select the hand you want to treat that will provide the most relief for your lifestyle.



Patient getting her wrist measured


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Determine wrist size

Measure your wrist to determine band size.



Patient doing tremor task positions


Icons for the two tremor positions

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Wing beating

Choose the tremor task that elicits the more significant hand tremor. 

Hold your hands stretched straight in front of you.  

Bend your arms to the side in the ‘wing-beating’ pose.  

Determine which of these postures gives you a more significant tremor.  

Your doctor will fax the prescription to Cala Health.  



Patient opening a Cala Trio box

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Your Cala Trio will arrive in a few days

Once ordered, your Cala Trio will arrive in a few days



Patient on the phone holding Cala Trio

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Meet with our customer success team via phone or video to set-up your Cala Trio.  



Patient showing tremor reduction enjoying activities of daily living

Enjoy a reduction in your hand tremor.  

Talk to your doctor about incorporating Cala Trio therapy into your treatment for essential tremor.



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Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. Please refer to the labeling for a complete list of warning, precautions and contraindications. 

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The Cala Trio device is cleared by the FDA as an external upper limb tremor stimulator, Class II (initially under de novo DEN170028 with subsequent 510(k) clearances K182706 and K203288).

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Cala Trio in the News
Solving Diagnostic Dilemmas: How a Skin-Based Test for Synucleinopathies Can Change the Treatment Course for Patients Presenting with Tremors

Essential Tremor Symptoms, Severity Improved With Cala Trio Neuromodulation Device

Results of the landmark PROSPECT trial of the Cala Trio, a wrist-worn wearable neuromodulation device for essential tremor (ET), suggest that the device is safe and effective for the reduction of hand tremor in individuals with ET.

  1. Isaacson SH, et al. Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements. 2020;10:29. doi:10.5334/tohm.59. As measured by Cala device following three months of repeated home use in 205 patients with essential tremor who completed the study. Many participants were also taking medication for their tremor and it was difficult to assess the effect of the device compared to medication.
  2. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the Cala Trio K203288.
  3. Safety information. The most common reported side effects to include mild to moderate skin irritation, including electrical stimulation burns, redness, and/or itching where the device touched the skin. For comprehensive safety information, visit
  4. Patient experiences are summarized from interviews featured on the Cala Health YouTube Channel. Individual results may vary; patients were not compensated for their stories.


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